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Took a refresher course today.

Posted on June 10 2017

There are several guiding principles that I adhere to when trout fishing. One of the most basic is "Don't fish a pool more than once in a week."  Why you ask?  Because trout "remember" to avoid flies that didn't taste good.  Much like squirrels that are said to "remember"  where they buried up to a thousand nuts,  trout "remember" to avoid things they ate that left a bad after taste.

Yesterday when the fish got going good I had a fly they were willing to die for.  Today with the water still too high to be wading (they bumped the releases again) I had very few places where I could safely wade.  Drove to a high water place on the WB only to find two wade anglers zeroing in on "my spot." Drove to the UEB and found two boats anchored in the pool I wanted to fish.  Drove by yesterdays pool and there was no one there.

I know, I know but I stopped and fished. And?  The fish were rising in the same places they rose the night before.  The same bugs were hatching as the night before.  I had half a dozen newly tied flies that were the same as the ones they ate the night before.  Last night I hooked a dozen and a half fish.  Tonight I got over a dozen indignant refusals and hooked one fish.

  Lesson relearned.    


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