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Took one on the chin at Stockport.

Posted on August 28 2019

Fresh from the success of yesterday's "perfectly planned" day, I had no doubt, looking at the weather forecast, that I could do it again. "Overcast with afternoon and evening showers" the weatherman said. The day screamed olives and isos. If water conditions (temp and flow) permit, there is only one place for me to to be on this kind of day. The Big River.

Left camp at 3:15 (after a short snooze) and drove up the PA side. No bugs whatsoever at Buckingham. Stopped at Shehawken for a look see and ended up talking to Tom, an engaging gentleman who was taking out after fishing down from West Branch Anglers. He had seen no olives or isos and very few rising fish. After hearing his report I turned around and headed back down to Stockport where only the green Kia was parked. The owner is a retired, avid fly fisherman who fishes almost as much as I do. Stockport is his favorite "spot" but there is lots of room there and he usually walks way down sometimes to cemetery. Decided to stay and fish.

The olives must be hard of hearing because they never showed up. The isos sent a few scouts, perhaps to see what the screaming was all about. In any event there were not enough bugs to get the fish even mildly interested. Blind cast flies for three and a half hours without seeing a rise. Had seven fish come to my fly. The first five said "no thanks", thankfully the last two ate. Reeled it in at 7:00 and walked back to the car.


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