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Tricos, sulfurs and olives.

Posted on August 09 2019

If someone tells you he is killing them on tricos, find out where and tell me. Took another trico trip up the UE this morning. Was actually early as I arrived in East Branch with the temp still 64. Glassed every riff I could see from there to Long Flat and never saw a waxwing or a trico. One car was parked at the "hot spot" but I saw no one fishing. There were no tricos where I fished, not in the air, water or even in streamside cobwebs (a good place to look when scouting). They are long over due and I, for one, have no explanation.

Decided to blind cast a small spinner for a while and was glad I did. In about an hours time I rose three fish, hooked two and landed one. Was about to reel it in when there were a couple of rises, then a couple more and then I saw an olive. Olives don't come in a concentrated hatch like Hendricksons or sulfurs for that matter, but the fish LOVE them. Within fifteen minutes there were fish rising all around me. To be sure, not all of the fish approved of my olives but enough did to make it the best morning of the week. It also made it easy to skip the "Sulfur Zone" mid day extravaganza. Did yard work, replaced tattered olives and yes, took a snooze.

About 6:00 I drove up to Deposit, saw no rising fish along the way. Boats and wade fishermen are concentrated between Stilesville and "Barking Dog" which is where the summer sulfur hatch is heaviest. Drove along the road below the town bridge and there were sulfurs and rising fish everywhere and no one in sight. A homeowner gave me permission to park and I waded out into the river and hooked a hot rainbow of about 12 inches - it came unstuck. The next half hour was spent hooking yearling browns (8 to 9 inches long). Reeled it in and went downstream to relatively unfished water. Just before dark enough fish ate my fly to make it a good decision.

This weekend - Experience the sulfur hatch.
Best times to be there - 11 and 7. Sometimes it's only yearlings and sometimes it's big fish.
Best place - Anywhere from Cold Springs Brook above the Stilesville parking spot, down to the 17 pool above Dream Catchers.

If you want relative solitude go to Junction Pool about 8:00 pm and walk up or down as far as you want and hook into a BR Bow (be sure to walk out to the cold WB water).
Early mornings, everything cold enough to fish is in play, look for tricos, take your olives.

See you on the river Monday.


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