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Troutfitter Anglers Fish "The Hatch"

Posted on May 06 2016

Fished the upper WB again today - same old - same old, Paraleps, Quill Gordons, Red Quills, Hendricksons. Olives and Apple Caddis, all accompanied by a steady breeze. It was still cold.  The sun has not made an appearance over the river all week.

The hatch seemed somewhat sparser than previous days (at least until the Hendricksons got going around three.

Found rising trout more willing to take my fly (despite wind aided presentations that left something to be desired) during the early portion of the hatch.  When the Hendrickson's got going the fish fed heavily on them and showed an uncanny knack for choosing the flies without hooks.

Talked with several "Troutfitter regulars" on the river as the hatch wound down.  All reported catching fish (at least one had a picture to prove it).

After four days of fishing to rising trout in an incredible hatch, I am planning on heading in the other direction today in search of trout looking for March Browns. Perhaps a fools errand.


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