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Trump's "friends" sure can fish!

Posted on June 13 2018

With a gray overcast day forecasted I decided to continue my assault on the BK and BE.  With the low water conditions it won't take more than two or three bright sunny days in a row to get both streams into the "no fishing zone" (temps over 70).

Fished about a half mile of the BK which surrounds one of the "Eastern European's" tenting sites.  They camped there for about a week to harvest fish during the Hendrickson hatch and I wanted to see what they left for the rest (99%) of the fishermen. Just a few years ago (before the EE invasion) the pools (four of them) in the half mile I fished, each had a healthy population of large wild browns and rainbows. With fresh iso husks all over the rocks I carefully fished down through the pools with an iso emerger which has done serious damage the past two weeks. Rose a total of four fish.  One refused my iso.  The other three ate the fly with great enthusiasm. They were all 10 inch hatchery fish!  The EE's are very good fishermen and they don't release fish!  The N.Y. DEC knows all about them and does nothing to reduce the five fish limit on the BK.  Are they afraid of offending our President?

The only real fishing I had today was on the lower BE at a place I fished Sunday.  I have a personal rule not to fish the same pool twice in one week but my two other choices were occupied by other fishermen.  Recalled that "on the seventh day God rested", and put Sundays great day of fishing into last week.  Should have kept looking for an open pool.  Not as many bugs or risers, two fishermen joined me late and the fish were on their game.  Refusals were the norm.  Three that did eat my fly came unstuck and the fish of the day was a 14 inch bow.


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