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Try the fish who only have one home.

Posted on August 03 2023

Took advantage of the unseasonably cold water temps (at the expense of the lawn which badly needs mowing) to fish the BR this morning at a place down river farther than I've probably ever fished it in early August. It turned out to be fun, if not exciting. There was a hatch of the tiny black caddis that tormented me and delighted the fish back in June.  Turns out it did the same in August.  

The fishing - The fish (almost exclusively 10 inch rainbows now about 16 months old) were rising in a manner that said caddis but it was a long while before I could catch one of the little flies. How'd I do it? He got on the inside of my glasses and I got a look at him when I took my glasses off. There were also some very small may flies in which the trout seemed to have no interest. The fish were feeding in the water column hence the splashy rises. Saw a few fuzzy little bugs and assumed they were some of  the tiny may flies. Used my smallest black caddis and while it wasn't the answer some of the fish that looked up ate it, others ate a floating iso nymph and a spinner. Spent almost four hours and while I did see three or four good fish it was evident that most of the older fish had moved elsewhere. If what I saw this morning is any indication the BR will have lots of nice rainbows to fish to next year.

In the evening I tried a couple pools, one in the No-Kill and the other above it. The upstream pool's sulfur hatch was sparse and the rising fish were moving around looking for bugs making it difficult to get a fly in front of them. The downstream pool (below Oquaga and hence warmer) had sulfurs, pseudos and rising fish. Hooked two fish on a sulfur and when the rest of the rising fish wouldn't give me a look I switched to a pseudo which they seemed happy to eat. Landed a nice pair of 16inchers one a rainbow, the other a brown. 

Got to the car at exactly 9:00 and had the heater on all the way back to the Lordville Estate.

As long as the water temps stay below 70, you can fish anywhere in the system. For me it's a treat as I get bored fishing the same water over and over up in the zone. But, there has been some movement of fish to their "summer homes" and not all of the big fish you saw back in May will answer if you knock on the door of their home pool. If you're bored with the "Sulfur Zone" try down low in the WB the hour before dark, those fish only have one home.


  • Ed Smith: August 03, 2023

    Angler119 -Thanks for your report. Going to fish the Willowvthis morning ( hopefully some midges are around) the up to the Red Barn—I find it fascinating, crowds and all. After that who knows. I’ll let you know howI make out. Chris. What a fantastic day. Congratulations

  • Chris: August 03, 2023

    Fished sulfur zone yesterday landed a dozen fish with several 18+ and best of year at just over 20inches. Hit a strange pod of large fish that for some reason ate my flies willingly including on upstream casts that should have been laughed at! That lasted an hour and then it was back to refusals but I was very fortunate and thankful!
    Very crowded up there! Moved to lower west for evening but apparently that was other people’s plan as well and didn’t fish when my couple spots were taken.

  • Dennis: August 03, 2023

    I fished the upper West yesterday and landed 3fish. I missed 2 and had many refusals. It seemed to be a pretty solid hatch of sulfurs. The fish were very selective!!!! The hatch wavered in intensity as the evening wore on. I left at8:30 with no rising fish.

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