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Two out of three ain't bad.

Posted on August 20 2018

Arrived back in Syracuse from the South Holston at noon today.  Ended up leaving at 5:00  PM Sunday after it became obvious that Saturday night's pyrotechnic display was not put on by NASCAR at the Bristol track and that it came with locally heavy rains which turned several So Ho tribs into Tennessee's version of Oquaga Creek.  They blew out the South Holston.

It could be said that I was unlucky and lost a day of fishing if it weren't for the fact that we sat in my friends house in Abingdon (20 miles north of the river) on Saturday morning and watched over three inches of rain fall in about three hours.  Both of us were sure Saturday's rain would blow out the river.  A call from my host's streamside friend, however, assured us that although it had rained there, the river was clear and that the bugs were starting to hatch.  Saturday afternoon/evening turned out to be a great six hours of dry fly fishing.

So I got in two super days of dry fly fishing with a friend of over 40 years and met a lovely couple who let us access the river in front of their property.  Did anyone do better on the Delaware River system the last three days?

Coming soon  -  How to catch monster browns on crawdad patterns in "puffed up rivers" that have a "good stain going".


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