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Two outta three ain't bad.

Posted on September 07 2021

 Had three items to cross off the list before I could go fishing today. The first was to get the leak in my right rear tire fixed. Warning light came on Friday night of Labor Day weekend. Fortunately it was a slow leak and I had no trouble keeping enough air in it. Drove over to the Equinunk garage about 8:30 and was back on the road in about twenty minutes with the hole plugged. Next stop was the post office where I went to return a pair of Simms Freestone waders sent to me in error. I had ordered and paid for G3 Guides. Biggest problem was finding a box the right size to ship them in as the box they arrived in was battered beyond repair. Many places have boxes piled up for anyone who wants them but most have the top cut off. Finally found one at the liquor store, packed the waders into it, taped it shut but didn't attach the return label they had mailed me as I was concerned that all the writing and bar codes would be a problem.. Got to the post office and it was a no go. Can't ship liquor or even a box that says liquor on it. Turned out to be no problem at all, the Post Office had just the right size box and for $5.00 it was mine and the waders were on there way back to the Slide Inn. Third stop was Marino's where I intended to get my archery license. Nope, "John runs the computer and won't be in until Thursday". I'm done. It's 9:30, 55 degrees with the fog burning off in downtown Hancock. What to do? I went fishing.

The fishing - Have been meaning to drive up to the UEB and try the Trico fishing so I did. Never saw so many tricos, every riff from East Branch to Shinhopple had a swarm of tricos bouncing up and down trying to keep warm. The air temp was still in the 50's so there was lots of time to look around. Strangely, there was only one car parked in the entire trico zone. Drove over to the Bk and saw no Trico's. When the temp climbed into the 60's I headed for the A-one trico spot on the UEB which was unoccupied when I first drove by.  As I approached the pull off a pickup truck coming from the opposite direction pulled in to it first. Drove on by and tried a "B" riff. With the water covered with trico spinners not a fish rose. Got back in the car with bad thoughts about the pickup truck and drove along the river only to find that he too was gone. Glassed every pool below the riffs and never saw a rise.

Did yardwork in the afternoon and went out at 5:30 determined to find rising fish. Found a good hatch of olives on a pool in the lower WB that I know is full of fish. Risers? There were several, none of them, however, were eating olives on the surface and none rose twice in the same place. From 6:00 until 7:45 one fish ate my fly (a 14 inch brown). Don't think for a minute I wasn't grateful, it's bad enough having leaky waders without them smelling of skunk.


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