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Posted on April 28 2016

With the hatch depressed Tuesday by cold water temp, the forecast for sunshine and warmer weather had me hoping for a double hatch (yesterday then today). The air was cold in the morning but the sun did its job.

I got to the upper West Branch at 2:00 and found the water covered with Paraleps. The fish, however. were unimpressed. About 3:00 the Hendricksons joined the fray and the fish seemed to go better. I had targets until 4:30.

Got back to the car at 5:00 and headed downstream. Fourteen cars at the Gamelands lot and a plethora of boats and fisherman from Balls eddy down to 191. decided to try and find a spinner fall on the upper East located risers above Harvard that had found a hatch of the small Hendricksons being blown along the windward bank the big fish know where dinner is served and were gulping the flies. Hooked four landed two before the rest of the fish retreated.

I was off again moving upstream hoping to find a spinner fall. Stopped at a pull-off where I saw fish rising - down the bank I went. Hooked four right away (lost three). Then settled down and fished well. There were duns and spinners on the water and as it got later the dreaded Delaware river midges appeared. 

It was a three shirter all day. The wind made presentation more challenging but I was able to hook over twenty fish and land enough to make it my 2nd best day of the season.


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