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Posted on May 01 2016

I looked at the Delaware River Club fishing report for yesterday. Wow, wish I was there, " The river was the definition of bug soup". "The river doesn't fish much better than it did today".  etc, etc. So what happened?  First I'm sure there was a good hatch, most probably in the upper and middle portion of the WB.  I was there Wednesday and had a very good day. Recommended the area to some Troutfitter customers who on Thursday also had bugs and rising fish.  By Friday there were still  bugs and rising fish but the flotilla of boats had arrived. Saturday promised to be a zoo and I opted out.

I had enough bugs where I fished to get fish up, there just weren't many fish. The Upper East which also has had good hatches and has been fishing well was crowded with anglers on both Friday and Saturday. I drove from Downsville to East Branch without seeing anything worth getting excited about. I also wanted to check out the EB and Big River.  Both have been in the doldrums and I was looking for March Browns.  Saw a handful in each place but no fish up.

What does it all mean?  Counting the Beaverkill there are over ninety miles of river to keep track of. The big clubs have many guides on the river and if something is happening they are likely to know about it. They also are trying to fill their lodges with anglers.  For sure they present things in the best possible light. Yours truly has just two eyes and can't be every where.  All I can promise is that I don't have an agenda and I will tell you what I see, good or bad. The guys at theTroutfitter  agreed to this as a condition of my employment.

What was reported by DRC was no doubt true, but there  were also miles of river where little or nothing was happening.  Seems like just a few days ago I said "If it's not happening where you are -  go some place else".  Not bad advice.


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