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Posted on August 18 2021

 With the sun poking through the clouds there was little point in rushing out to fish the lower section of the WB. Left camp at 3:30 and when I saw no bugs on the water at Shehawken (one of my look/see places) I went over to 17 and drove up to Hale Eddy. Stood on the bridge for a good ten minutes without seeing a bug or a rise. Drove down the "PA" side thinking I'd fish the game lands. Two cars in each lot changed my mind. This time of year the fishing can be good if you have room to move around and cast at fish that haven't been disturbed. If the crowds that blanket the river in May were to appear in August no one would catch anything.  Completed my loop of the lower river when I arrived back at the 191 bridge. 

During the drive I began to realize just how good yesterday's fishing was.  My rating system has been skewered by the last six weeks in the sulfur zone where there are enough bugs hatching to sometimes get a dozen or more fish up and feeding in easy casting range. Yesterdays olives came in assorted sizes and there were more than enough of them to make it a "good" olive hatch. Not every fish in the pool was up but there were enough quality fish feeding to make it a really good day.

Today there wasn't a bug of any kind to be seen.  Having been "crowded out" of my first picks, I settled on a couple of lower rated pools (think C's). As was true on the UEB Monday most of the risers were yearlings now 8.5 to 10 inches long. Waded up a couple of long riff/runs and caught but one decent fish.

The 7:00 to 8:15 (dark over cast) night wasn't much better. Again there just weren't any bugs.  Fished a slow water pool where there was a pod of fall fish sipping in the tail out. Got three refusals which I thought strange and then a fall fish ate my olive and morphed into an 18 inch rainbow. With darkness setting in I worked my way back upstream towards the car, made a successful flashlight aided river crossing and drove back to camp.

We are predicted to get two to four inches of rain throughout the area tonight.  If we do don't bother coming no matter what anybody says. When things settle back down the fish will be spread throughout  the system and the fishing should improve.

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  • Dennis: August 18, 2021

    I fished hale eddy tonight and caught one 12 in rainbow. He was about the only fish I saw rise in 4 hrs of fishing. He took a 18 bwo. The last two days have been tough for me. I can’t find bugs on the water or fish rising.
    Not WHINING but am a bit frustrated.
    Things will get better I hope.
    Please keep the info coming !!! Thanks

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