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Visiting some of my spring time haunts on August 1st.

Posted on August 02 2023

Skipped the mid-day sulfur hatch. After almost nine hours of fishing Monday I decided to just do the evening trip today. Left the fishing camp at about 5:30 and drove east over to the BK where I fished two pools. Found rainbows in both pools. Most of the fish that came to the fly were one and two year olds. Rose three good fish and hooked and landed a 15 incher.

Left the BK at seven and drove over to the EB where I fished from 7:20 until 9:01. It was probably the last time I will return to the car after 9:00 this year as the days are shortening at an ever increasing rate. Found a good number of two year old rainbows willing to eat my offerings. A 17 inch brown that ate an Iso on what was no more than a fifteen foot cast beat out the 15 inch rainbow from the BK for fish of the day.

Skipped the WN&TL page this weekend and will see if I can cut and paste it here. 

Jack asked about terrestrials. I put a fly box of ants in my vest about mid August but otherwise don't fish them. If I fished from a boat with a guide who worked along the shore line I would be happy to use them but with good hatches all season and fish feeding out in the open water I feel that other flies are more effective. 

Dennis wants to know what I throw at sulfur sippers. I have three boxes of sulfurs in my vest (duns, emergers and spinners) but the flies I've been using are in one of those little plastic containers Troutfitter gives you when you buy enough flies. They are fastballs and curves, (duns and emergers). I will also throw a change up, slider and knuckleball, (olive, caddis and iso).

Dennis also wanted to know about fishing the freestones during the day. On bright sunny days  - no. If it's cold, overcast and rainy - yes. Keep in mind that these are bonus days on the freestones and they will almost certainly again be too warm to fish when the temps moderate a little and the sun shines. Please check the water temps before you go. 70 is a no go.

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  • Dennis : August 02, 2023

    Thank you A119 for answering my questions

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