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Posted on June 12 2015

One of the nice things about doing volunteer work is there is no
reduction in pay when you quit. After fishing at least part of 10 out
of the first 11 days of June, I needed to get home, pick up my wife
(without her bag which never managed to make it out of Nashville, let
alone JFK) at the airport, wash clothes, mow the lawn,etc,.etc., etc.
If things progress in orderly fashion on the home front perhaps I'll
get a get out of jail card for Father's Day.

In reading the DRC's blog I couldn't help but notice that they are on
their sixth day without an "angler with fish" photo. The fishing has
really slowed.  Fewer bugs, smarter fish and still, at least up until
last weekend, lots of anglers.

I know the rise in the water livened up the action for me and
hopefully for others as well. If the angling pressure drops off as I
believe it will and the river master needs to call for releases to
meet minimum flow, the fishing may well pick up again. For now, don't
expect much action during sunny periods.  Save your energy for the
seven to nine evening hatch.  Expect sulfurs, cahills and isos and be
on the lookout for spinners.


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