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Was anyone able to read my smoke signals?

Posted on May 09 2018

While I'm sure my call was important to them and they were sorry for any inconvenience, Verizon still took five days to get a repair man out to the fishing camp to get me back on line.  The nice ladies over in India weren't much help at anything but apologizing.

 I wouldn't have had much good to tell you anyway until yesterday.  Up 'til then there were Hendricksons on the BR, BEB and the Beaverkill but reports of feeding fish on top were spotty.  Yesterday the water started dropping in both branches and with increasing water temps the fish seemed to turn on.

The Hendricksons are currently working their way up both branches with Apple Caddis close on their heels. The caddis hatch has gone all the way up the EB and is past Roscoe on the BK.  I haven't been on the Big River because of the high water but there have been both Hendricksons and caddis hatching on the entire river.

If we can avoid any heavy rains the wade fishing options should be excellent this weekend. It's about time!  Being out there for the afternoon Hendricksons is a no brainer.  On sunny days the caddis get going in the morning.  The Hendrickson spinner falls are harder to predict.  After  warm nights they often occur in the morning.  When the nights are cold or it's cloudy and cool they often wait until late afternoon or evening.  Look for the spectacular  caddis upstream flights and spinner falls in the evening.

It's that special time when you can literally find rising fish dawn to dusk.  Go for it! 


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