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Was it a Regatta or a Revival Meeting?

Posted on August 08 2015

There were traffic jams at launch sites and full parking lots.  Wade
fishermen vied with guides in drift boat each seeking to fish the
prime locations. Where?  On the upper WB where sulfurs have been
hatching and big fish have been feeding.

The area has seen little pressure this year as the bug hatches have
been poor and rising fish have been scarce. During the past six weeks
the area was unwadeable due to eight inches of rain in June and then
the Cannonsville drawdown.

When the release was lowered to five hundred cfs wade fishermen
flocked to the river and found good hatches of sulfurs along with good
numbers of big fish. Where did they come from?  No one is sure.  Some
say there were lots of big reservoir fish that washed over during the
spill.  Others say that the high water triggered fish movement within
the river.  No one knows, perhaps both the spill and fish movement
contributed. It really doesn't matter just enjoy!

Me? I will continue to fish away from the crowds.  Went downstream
this afternoon and fished in relative solitude.  There were very few
bugs and with the bright sun the refusals outnumbered takes by about
two to one. Closed out the day on the big river where a late evening
hatch of isos and caddis got the fish going.


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