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Wasn't it just a beautiful day?

Posted on July 19 2016

One of the most beautiful days of the summer, sun with white puffy clouds, fresh air with low humidity, moderately warm temp and a delightful breeze.  Ask a fisherman what he thought of it.  "Wind came up in the morning before spinner fall and blew the Tricos away, high pressure stopped fish from rising and bugs from hatching all day. Give me a calm wind, an overcast sky with a light drizzle and cool enough temps to get the olives hatching."

Tried the upper east this am and found a fair hatch of Tricos.  The fish were not on them in numbers yet and the breeze came up and blew at least some of them away.

The afternoon sulfur fishing  on the WB has taken on a carnival like appearance with multicolored drift boats everywhere between Stilesville and barking dog and fishermen lined up in neat rows along all the good pools.  Being a curmudgeon by my own admission, this area is better left unfished (by me) at the present time.  Devoted the afternoon to tying flies for my upcoming western trip.

Left for evening fishing about six and toured the WB  from top to bottom.  Finally at seven I attempted to fish a spot on the lower WB.  Got in the water and was almost immediately attacked by an out of control pontoon boat, the angler/operator had a better chance of hitting a fish with an oar than ever catching one.  He cheerfully waved as he rowed sideways through the pool.  I reeled in and left.

  The last stop was on the upper big river where I saw no boats and a total of three other fishermen, none closer than a quarter mile away (not far enough to keep from hearing me utter a loud s*** when I lost the third fish in a row.) There were very few bugs but the fish were hungry and looking up.  In an hour and a half of fishing I had over fifteen fish come to the fly - blind casting - a few even ate.


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