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We could do with an all day drizzle.

Posted on June 17 2020

First time in four days that I have gotten to fish a "full day" which right now translates into both a morning and evening trip.

With the cool early morning temps there was no rush to be on the stream.  Arrived about 10:00 and found spinners dancing over the riff but no trout rising. Within half an hour there were spinners (sulfurs and olives) on the water and trout up. Had risers to fish to from then until 2:00.  Most of the fish were two year olds but a 19 inch rainbow took me about 100 yards downstream before letting me take the hook out.

Got back to camp at about 2:30 and spent the rest of the afternoon tying flies. Went back out  about seven and found three wade anglers at Buckingham along with 10 trailers.  Stockport was much worse as the entire pull off area was full and both cars and trailers were parked side of the road.
Drove by Shehawken and it appeared to be full of both cars and trailers.

Found a pool on the BE that was free of fishermen and decided to give it a try.  Was joined by three other fishermen after about 10 minutes. There was a good spinner fall and the fish got gong but showed a decided preference for flies without hooks in them.

There are still lots of fishermen on the river system, there are also some  bugs and feeding fish. If you can get away from the crowds and fish to undisturbed fish it will increase you chances of success.  The fish are still hard to fool but a good cast to a feeding fish will usually at least get a look.

The predicted temps for tomorrow will put the BR, BK and the BE over the 70 degree mark by early afternoon tomorrow. Plan to fish the tailwaters during the afternoon and evening.


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