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We needed the rain - bad!

Posted on June 29 2016

After Mondays lackluster effort, I decided to put in a full day of fishing.  Woke to find isos, cahills and a hexagenia  on my porch screens.  Had to try the river out back but after half an hour of casting it was evident  that the trout had left for cooler water. Drove up to Stockport where there were already three fishermen  hard at it.  There is lots of room there and I worked part of the riff with iso patterns and spinners.  Rose five fish, three ate and all were landed. Was back to the camp before noon, filled the Hummingbird feeder, tied some sulfurs and was ready to go by two.

Saw black sky towards Deposit so I headed to the upper EB for the afternoon sulfurs.  Found a pool with both sulfurs and fish, parked the car put on my gear and had at 'em.  After two minutes (or less) it was obvious that the fish had seen a fly or two.  They were taking sulfur duns with no hesitation, yet when my sulfur floated over them, not even a look. In an hours time I managed to hook and land one fifteen incher, and then the rains came.

It had been thundering in the west for quite some time but when the flash and boom were only separated by three seconds the umpire called time, had the tarp rolled out and we were in what turned out to be an almost three hour rain delay. When the tarp was removed and play resumed the sulfur hatch was long over and I was down stream in another pool.  It was still raining  but the thunder was off in the distance and there were trout rising.

I couldn't find a bug on the water but hooked fish on olives, olive emergers and sulfurs.  They wouldn't even look at my spinner that had impressed the big river rainbows just ten hours earlier. When I reeled it in there were patches of blue sky sky to the east, rain where I was and  dark clouds in the west.


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