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Weekend outlook - bright sun, low water and lots of fishermen.

Posted on September 20 2019

I know these are some of the most beautiful September days you could ever have but c'mon, if not rain at least a few afternoon clouds.

Today I headed for the UE around 3:30, drove up to Corbett, turned around and headed back towards East Branch. Why? Power Line and Long Flat didn't have a single car but every other pool had multiple fishermen. Sure there are afternoon hatches of olives (pseudos mostly) and fish that want to eat them. But the release has been lowered to 114 CFS and the Hale Eddy flow gage is at about 130 and it's next to impossible for me to catch fish at the current water level, in bright sunshine, even in an undisturbed pool.

Because of the heavy pressure I fished two "C" pools. There were bugs, but alas, the pools were on a part of the UE that runs east/west and were in full sun. In the first pool I saw three fish rise once each, hooked two (lost the first at the net) and landed the second. The second pool had two rising fish that I managed to put down with my wake before even making a cast.

Headed for the BR, ETA 6:00 (6:10 after a stop for gas). Junction Pool through the trees had TMTC, Stockport had 8 cars and one trailer and Buckingham had about 10 to 12 trailers.  Got below the Friday crowd and waded into a white fly hatch that was as good as I've seen (on the Delaware) in years. Fish were up making iso type splashy rises. The nymphs are off white and look something like iso nymphs, perhaps they are also fast swimmers.  Most of the rising fish ignored my Epherons and continued to eat the real thing. Got but two to eat my dun.  A third fish ate a small olive (which two others refused) and one ate a spinner.

Didn't get a chance to even look at the WB but there were more fishermen (and boats) on the water where I was then at any time since June.


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