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West Branch release bumped another 241 CFS.

Posted on September 05 2016

With another bump in the WB release (now about 1040 CFS) I decided to try the big river down at Lordville before the additional cold water shut things down. In about 45 minutes of fishing I saw a few of the large black caddis hatching but I did not raise a fish. It will take a while before fish leave their summer residence and move back into their cool weather homes. It doesn't help that day after day features a beautiful. cloudless sky and unseasonably warm temps.

Today was a stark contrast to yesterday. There were no fishermen or boats to be seen on the WB. The launch sights that were full yesterday were all empty today. The addition of almost 250 CFS of cold water into the WB seemed to stop both the bugs and fish. I drove along the river and saw neither bugs nor risers.

With no rain in sight you can expect continued big releases to meet minimum flow requirements unless PPL again generates power. I was told today that starting the 17th PPL will begin to draw down Wallenpaupak and that the draw down would last for a week or more. If this happens the WB release will no doubt be cut back to save water.

At present levels wading in the WB is somewhat dangerous and caution is advised (so is the use of a wading staff). Cold water can trigger insect hatches and will, if run for an extended period, enable the fish to move back into the big river below Stockport. If you are planning on fishing the Delaware, wait a few days for things to settle down, wade carefully and try areas in the big river where fish may have recently taken up residence. The additional release may in time improve what has become very difficult fishing.


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