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What A Day!!!

Posted on August 05 2023

 It was an interesting day to say the least. Started on the BR at nine-thirty and fished two hours without seeing a rise. Drove up to Deposit and had to wait until almost two for the sulfurs to get going but when they did they brought numbers. The lone boat that came by me said there were too many and you had no chance of a fish eating your fly.

 I was fishing downstream from them in a sparser hatch and didn't have that problem. The sulfurs were plentiful enough to get the good fish up and gulping duns and several ate the wrong one.. At 3:30 with a thunderstorm approaching, I  hunkered down on a little grass island while lightning flashed and thunder boomed all around me. The rain came down in buckets. The storm probably lasted about twenty minutes and then the sun came out in a clear blue sky. The fish were going nuts eating sulfurs that had been beaten into the water by the rain. I hooked a good one on my first post storm cast and was savoring the prospect of a fish catching bonanza when literally, out of a clear blue sky, came a flash of lightning and the simultaneous ground shaking roar of thunder. Scared the c---p out of me. Landed the fish as I made for shore and got to the car in record time (for someone 80 years old). Drove to the Troutfitter where Dave informed me that I had fished, for the second time since I've owned the camp, through a tornado warning (the first time there was a tornado that swept through Lordville, knocking down three trees in the yard as I unknowingly drove back home to Syracuse). With clear skies and radar showing the storm past Deposit, I returned to the river where the fish were finishing up their meal, a couple ate the desert that I put in front of them.

About 6:30 I headed back to the scene of yesterday's fiasco to try to atone for the shoutout pitched by the trout. The sun was shining and it hadn't even rained there. Heard the distant rumble of thunder and before I got to the river the sun went behind the storm clouds. I had no intention of repeating the afternoon performance but the storm seemed to be sliding by upstream of me. Like last night the fish were once again making hard splashy rises. Ignored logic and put on a Cahill which was promptly slammed by a rainbow who broke the tippet when it got wedged on something in the water. Tied on a new one and another savage strike had me hooked on to a big rainbow that ran across the river, jumped a good fifty feet upstream from me and in doing so broke the tippet. I felt the line go slack but it took me a few seconds to realize that the fish that jumped was on my line. Fortunately things turned around after that and I hooked and landed five BR 'bows, all "good ones". A 19 incher, that gave almost as good a performance as the second line breaker, was fish of the day. With lightning flashing and thunder rumbling I made an early exit (8:39) and was back to the Lordville Estate in time to thaw out the venison I forgot to take out of the freezer before I left this morning.     


  • Jim N: August 05, 2023

    Lightening….9’ Graphite conductors….water….
    What could go wrong…..the trout were rising!!

    Fish hard everyone!

  • Jack: August 05, 2023

    Wow! Reminds me of the tme years ago when fishing the mainstem at Stockport. Saw and heard a real boomer headed my direction, but was too lazy to head back to the car, and thought that after the storm passed it would be a cornucopia of bugs.
    So stayed put. STUPID.
    Wound up face down in the deepest gully I could find, and by the time the storm had passed, it had filled with water, with lightning striking all around.
    And yep, after the storm there were no bugs.

  • Dennis: August 05, 2023

    A119 sounds like you got even!!! Nice job. Save some for me on Monday!!!
    Keep it going

  • DENNIS 2: August 05, 2023

    Angler119. I’ve fished through intermittent thunderstorms (well, hunkered down until the wind and rain letup. My experience has varied from great post storm rising fish who seemed pretty stupid to nada. I think the difference was that when it was good there were at least a few , very few, bugs on the water before the storm; when it was not good there had been no visible bugs before the storm. It’s probably not worth seeking out a tornado to find out which it will be this time.

  • Ed Smith: August 05, 2023

    Angler119-Wow ,that was quite an adventure. When you see Dorthy, Toto and the house it is very scary. Glad you survived. Sounds like you had an epic rise to the downed sulphers and caught some nice fish . And what a wonderful evening. Good fishing, big fish and best of all —-Atonement. That’s great . Ed Smith

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