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What a difference a day makes

Posted on April 18 2016

Saturday will almost certainly be a top 3 day for me this season.

Today-  was a little bit warmer - the water was a little bit lower - the sun was a little bit brighter - the Hendricksons didn't come as early or as well as yesterday - and they popped off the water MUCH
faster in the hot sun.  The fish never really  got going anywhere I fished (6 different places). During the peak part of the hatch I had a few targets and I hooked some nice fish, but from 4:30 on it was hard to find a rising fish.

One fish I landed in the EB had a mouthful of Apple Caddis pupa. - perhaps they were feeding but not on top.

Saturday fishing in waist deep water in the shade I wanted three shirts.  Today in knee deep water in the sun two shirts was one too many.

Hope you came and caught some fish.  If you fished where I did you earned 'em.


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