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What about the second fisherman?

Posted on May 24 2020

Went home yesterday to renew acquaintances with my wife, who just got back from a visit with our Florida daughter and granddaughter. This morning, I loaded the car with clean clothes, food and a tank full of gas and headed back down to the river. Had things put away and lunch eaten by 1:30 so I went fishing.

During the course of the day I fished the UEB, BK, WB and the BR. Caught at least one fish at every stop which should constitute a "Delaware River Slam".  If you want to split hairs, it could be said that I didn't fish the BE so it really wasn't a slam. But it was a really nice day of fishing under what were at best mediocre conditions (poor hatches and very little in the way of rising trout).

When I wasn't actually fishing, I picked a bag of Fiddlehead ferns, stopped to watch an Indigo Bunting, had over 30 kayakers float by, all of  whom were courteous as could be and wished me good luck, had congenial chats with a homeowner who lets me walk across his lawn to fish, one of the two fishermen I met on the stream.  At my last stop, for the very first time all season, I heard the toads sing.  Also looked up in wonder at the new moon, thought of  the great Neil Diamond song and hoped that for me, it wouldn't be "Done Too Soon".


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