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Posted on June 05 2020

Decided to do a little recon in order to catch up with what's up on the various sections of the river. Went up the PA side from Lordville to Deposit.

Buckingham had 5 trailers destined for Long Eddy (pity them), and three trailers waiting for fishermen coming down river. Just two days ago trailers were parked out on the road.  Stockport had 3 trailers and 9 cars. Skipped Shehawken and drove by Ball's Eddy which had about a dozen trailers and half a dozen cars.  Clearly the big bugs are done on the BR. The Drake spinner fall was night before last. Further floats on the BR will depend on water temp and cloud cover.

The game land lots were sparsely populated with 5 cars in the lower and 4 in the upper parking area. There have been drakes seen below the mud flats and rumors of evening sulfurs up to Hale Eddy. Hale Eddy to the No-kill appears to be bug less at the present time.  The amazing upper river caddis hatch seems to be on the wane.

The East Branch drake hatch also seems to be a done deal. With reports of hatching and spinner falls slightly before the BR.

The puzzler is the Upper East Branch, two cars at Long Flat and 4 at power line say that it's over or not yet begun.  Drove up there several days ago and saw big bugs hatching below Harvard and nothing above. Was busy elsewhere and never got back. My guess (and it's only a guess) is that it is also over.

The Beaverkill has had water as warm as the BR and EB.  Saw a few drakes there several days ago, it too, is probably over (check Beaverkill Angler's report for the latest information).

What's an angler to do this weekend?  Come fish.  All the fish are still between the two shore lines.  There are  caddis upstream from Oquaga, some gray fox are hatching through the system , cornutas are hatching in the late morning (in some places), evening sulfurs have the fish feeding late, spinners of all sizes may be on the water both early and late and isos (the trouts all time favorite food) are hatching. 

I've written my contractually obligated number of words and my perfect manhatten is gone.  Tune in tomorrow to learn how the reprise of Thursdays great day went.

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  • Marty Talcik: June 06, 2020

    You do a great job of reporting reliable dry fly activity ! However I must warn you about those adult spirits! Perfect manhattens are great! Two at most! Three your under the table! Four your under your host! 😎

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