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Posted on May 10 2020

 About a month ago (April 9th to be exact) I suspended the Angler 119's reports out of concern that the reports might encourage more anglers to come to the river and thus contribute to the spread of the Covid-19 virus.. With all the usual suspects back posting fishing reports, it seems unlikely that my ramblings will contribute significantly to any increase in angler pressure. People now know what they should be doing to slow the spread and hopefully they will  act in a responsible manner when fishing the river system.

Since you've last heard from me the weather has done a 180 with temps generally 10 to 20 degrees below normal.  There have also been several significant rain /snow events that have made wade fishing difficult to impossible.  The isolated days when the rivers were low enough to wade and the temps were warm enough for bugs to hatch, however,  have led me to believe that we may have the potential for a very good fishing season.

Why?  Early in the year you seldom see many of the one and two year old trout (fish from 7 to 12 inches) feeding on top.  This year I have had several days where they were on top feeding everywhere. There seems to be one of the best two year old year classes of fish that I have ever seen on the river system.

The big fish?  They are there too. On two separate occasions, (once during a prolific mayfly hatch and once during a heavy caddis spinner fall) there were nothing but large fish up  and they were everywhere.

Of course there have been days when it was too cold for bugs, or the water was too high to wade, or there were tons of bugs and no fish on 'em.  That's just fishing.  But the river system does seem to be full of fish of all sizes.

The fishermen?  With most of the guides honoring the shutdown regulations and all of the lodges closed there has been a very modest number of both boats and wade anglers on the river.  It is my understanding that some of the lodges are now open and that some guiding may soon be allowed. If you choose to fish, a day trip is best.  If you are planning to stay overnight be sure lodging is available before coming. All anglers, please observe social distancing mandates at all times during your stay. 


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