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What's left after an untimely delete.

Posted on August 29 2019

Did you ever hit Delete instead of Backspace? Just did and the whole G.D. four paragraphs disappeared. With my perfect Manhattan gone, I'm in no mood to try to recreate my day of driving around the river system. Sorry but if someone can tell me how to find it, I will be glad to publish it.

Paragraph 4: It's now 6:30, I've eaten a sandwich, watered the newly planted grass and am heading out to fish the Big River. On a bright sunny day fishing the BR before the sun sinks below the hill is insanity. The fish just aren't there. Get your gear in order, check your leader for knots, clean your line, tie on a new tippet and your very best fly. When it starts to happen there is no way to stop the clock, no time outs or commercial breaks. You have an hour and small change to make or break your day.

Tonight there were a few isos, some yellow sallies, lots of olives, swarms of midges and spinners of all sizes on the water that, since the last trico spinner fell this morning, had been devoid of all life. The trout were hungry and ready to eat almost anything that wasn't dragging at right angles to the current.

How'd I do? Very well thank you. I was in a place that hasn't yet been fished much since June and it had some fish. Hooked and landed six rainbows from 13 to 18 inches. In the alloted time, I just can't do any better than that.

If you are fishing the big river the farther upstream you go, the more likely you are to find fish. I've fish some bass only pools this week. It's fun to explore and be the first to find fish but the chances of a zero increase the farther downstream you go.

On a sour note: Have encountered wade guides on the Upper East with sports that have no chance in hell of catching fish there under current conditions. If you are told that under current conditions it's a for expert fly fishermen only and you accept the challenge fine. But no one should be taken there or go there thinking they are going to get a sore arm catching all those rising fish. Just sayin.


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