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Where do they come from?

Posted on July 18 2015

This afternoon was overcast and it sprinkled.  The olives said "Oh
boy" and hatched like crazy on the WB  and on the big river (no doubt
on the EB too). There were all shapes and sizes of them and so many of
them you had to wonder how a trout ever happens to eat yours. All this
I've seen before and think I understand.

But the sulfurs, that's a different story.  The sulfurs have hatched.
they are done on the big river and the lower WB.  The two weeks ago
the only meaningful sulfur hatch was above Hale Eddy. Run 1,500 cfs of
cold water and they appear like magic all over the river system in
abundance! it's just one of the many things about trout fishing I'll
never understand.

What I do understand is that the bugs are there and the fish are
eating them and if you can find a place to fish safely in the high
water you should see fish (lots of them). Catching them is up to you,
they are not always easy (today they were).


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