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Posted on April 30 2017

I usually head home on Saturday morning to take  care of household chores and fulfill social obligations.  This week I delayed my departure in order to take in the the "One Bug" launchings and to get a feel for just how many fishermen and drift boats would be on the river.

On my drive up the UEB around two thirty I saw several boats and a significant number of wade fishermen all hoping that the reduced flow would trigger the hatch.  I saw no bugs but I left before three.

Returned to camp and headed for home on the PA side of the river. Counted forty seven drift boat trailers from Buckingham up to Balls Eddy.  Also saw eight boats between Lordville and Buckingham. The personal flotation devices were as numerous as the drift boats.

Stopped above the gamelands on the WB and sat by the water from 3:00 until 3:30 (prime bug time) without seeing a single bug.  There were boats on the WB but almost no wade fishermen. It hasn't "happened" there yet.

The  BEB on the other hand seems to be in the winding down stage of the Hendrickson and apple caddis hatches.  There are a few duns still around  but its mostly spinners.

My screens at the camp on the BD were covered with hundreds of caddis and lots of Hendricksons Saturday morning.  Clearly this is the place to be.  The water is dropping but wade fishing the big river at these levels is extremely limited.  Boats have found rising fish and have done well on them.

The big releases from the reservoirs have created temperature variances that have split up the hatches.  It will probably result in a longer Hendrickson hatch overall but more crowded conditions as the peak of the hatch on each river is at a different time.

Good luck getting to the right place at the right time.  Wade or float carefully and courteously, its crowded.


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