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Where should you fish tomorrow?

Posted on June 24 2019

For the last four days I've tried something new. Instead of giving advice I've tried to follow it. The wade fishermen have not been on the river. They just aren't here. They are waiting for the water to drop to reasonable wading levels. So I've given it a try. I skipped one day altogether and just fished the last couple of hours the other three days. I got items crossed off my "To do" list. Took the time to watch the backyard does (two) and fawns (two), hen turkeys (two) with their young (seven and eleven) and the women's national soccer team that beat a hard hitting (some might say dirty) Spanish team, two to one on two penalty kicks.

For frustrated wade anglers, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. NYC has started a step down of the Cannonsville release. Too early to tell how much they reduce the release but it is coming down. This will improve wading in the WB and possibly in the BR. The Pepacton release remains unchanged and the boaters can continue to enjoy the UE wader free drake hatch. The BK is also dropping and by tomorrow will be at a very nice wading level. It's not where the best bugs are happening but it will be fishable.

The bugs - Sulfurs on the WB. Time of day varies. Good hatches late from mid river down. Up river it's been an afternoon thing. Today there were no risers to be seen off the town bridge in Deposit at one o'clock. Perhaps it was just too early or they were watching the soccer game. The BR has had tons of bugs (all shapes and sizes) and one hopes that we will be able to fish there before the summer heat shuts it down. My last visit to the BK was Thursday evening, the water was rising from the storm. Saw very few bugs and one riser. The UE, sulfurs up river, drakes and coffin flies from Shinhopple down (boats everywhere).

Not to be a party pooper BUT just looked at the radar and there is a great big green/yellow blob just west of us. They say .25 inches of rain but you never know.


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