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Where to find the WB bugs?

Posted on August 12 2015

With the variation in the water levels we have had in the WB this
summer finding bugs and rising fish often times requires a visit to
the local fortune teller. Yesterday there was a modest afternoon hatch
of sulfurs up top. It was over by five o'clock. At five thirty, when
I arrived there was a good hatch of small olives below the one ninety
one bridge and the fish were on 'em.

Today at the gamelands in early afternoon there were sulfurs and
stenos enough to get the fish up (sorta). There was also a brief
burst of olives which also got fish going. It was all over by four
thirty, not a rise to be seen. If it started up again I wasn't there
to see it. Drove up to the no kill and after chatting with an old
river friend, Wayne Hess, I went out in search of bugs and fish.
Found fish before I saw flies. First three casts (second one was way
short of target) got me thirty nine inches of fish (pics below).
There were sulfurs, stenos and olives hatching and the big fish were
looking up. Fished 'til eight o'clock in one shirt, in water over my
waist. Hands shaking from the cold so much that tying on a fly was an

If you always go to just one spot, you're missing it. Somewhere it's
happening, right now! Don't be afraid to try new places. Drive up
and down the stream. Look for the waxwings (an old friend once said
you can't trust the swallows) if the're over the water there are bugs.


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