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Where to fish?

Posted on September 22 2015

It's always the question on the Delaware system and after two weeks away touring the western part of the country, I didn't have a clue. Opened up the camp and was ready to fish a little after three.

The West branch is high, off color and full of weeds.  NOTE - There have been reports of a bear that has been following anglers in the game lands area. I don't know if it has been fed and is  looking for
handouts or if there are other problems,  best to avoid the area for now.

The East Branch at Harvard is "running" at 108 cfs.  That makes for tough fishing.  If you go up there and see a car or someone else fishing GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.  It's far too skinny to share a pool.

I haven't looked at the lower EB yet, but read below, it's probably still too early.

I drove by Buckingham and after counting seven trailers ,decided to try farther downstream.  Found a mix of bugs (mostly Heebies) and a few risers.  Hooked and landed a nice rainbow that was just short of eighteen inches right off the bat, then hooked and lost three more. The fish were happy to eat my fly but there just weren't very many of them.

Based on what I saw and a short conversation with a guide friend, it would seem that the fish are not yet redistributed throughout the system but are concentrated in the big river from junction pool to
Buckingham waiting for fall rains.

Have at 'em.


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