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Where to go and what to throw.

Posted on August 06 2021

 Things got into a routine this week. The afternoon sulfurs have become quite regular, with the hatch starting right around noon. They have hatched in good enough numbers in the upper few miles of the WB to get most of the fish up and feeding. If you go, know that it will be crowded.  There are rising fish everywhere so you don't need to be in one of the "A spots" to cast at feeding trout. Catching them is another matter.

The evening fishing this week was for me lots of fun. Stayed up top one night and had good bugs. They seem to get going around 7:00 or when the river is in shadow and went well until about 8:00. There are still some risers right up until dark but the sulfur hatch thins out, be sure to check for both olives and  spinners on the water late. 

The fun part for me was being able to fish down river on the WB and a bit of the upper part of the BR.  The flow is just about perfect and the water temp never went above the mid 60's.  Unfortunately that is about to change as we are in for hot weather for at least the next week. Lordville  recorded 68 today and will almost certainly be over 70 every day next week. 

If the weather gets as hot as predicted you will be well advised to stay above Dreamcatchers (the 17 pool).  When the afternoon bugs slow down (about 4:00 today), take a break.  If it's sunny there will be little point in fishing 4:00 to 7:00. If it's overcast you have my permission to stay out and look for risers.

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  • Jim N: August 07, 2021

    Thanks for the advice. Looking forward to putting it in play next week. Maybe we will cross paths.

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