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Who Could Ask For Anything More?

Posted on July 21 2023

With all of the camp chores seen to by Wednesday I had no excuse for not heading up to Deposit for the afternoon sulfur hatch. I now have an excuse. Got there a little before two (the only good afternoon hatch I've seen went from 3:00 until 4:30) and saw sulfurs right away, several of them. The waxwings were out over the water eating every sulfur that hatched. The fish? Never saw a rise. Was on the way back to the Lordville Estate for the afternoon nap by 3:45.

Was back in the car at 6:45 and arrived at a pool below the Barking Dog takeout just as the sun was going behind the hill. There were no bugs for the first fifteen minutes and then the sulfurs made their appearance. Not nearly as many as last night farther up river but enough to get some fish up. Hooked two of the first three I cast to and was refused by the third. Thought "Oh boy", that thought was dashed when at least the next ten fish I cast to ignored me completely. Over shot two fish, let both casts drift way past the fish before picking up and never saw either fish again. A good many times the fly passed over feeding fish without noticeable drag and the fish moved a good 15 feet before rising again. Fortunately every once in a while a fish took pity on me and just ate the fly. 

Last night up river, there was a big time spinner fall with no fish on them. Tonight the spinner fall (which comes after dark and there was no moon either night), was heavier than the hatch. Threw at four different sippers and finally hooked and landed one on what was a leader only cast. It wasn't until I turned on my flashlight for the walk back down the river to the car that I saw why I was ignored by the other sippers, the water was covered with spinners.

Never saw a boat or another fisherman, landed five of seven hooked fish ranging in size from 14 to 18 inches.  Couldn't ask for anything more - - - except maybe some sulfurs and feeding fish in the afternoon. I don't have a television in Lordville you know.  


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