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Who doesn't like a "Flash Flood Watch"?

Posted on July 13 2017

With a "Flash Flood Watch"  again issued by the weather service I drove up the UEB at 2:00 pm without seeing a single fisherman.  I was going to look for sulfurs above Corbett but as I crossed over the bridge it was obvious that was not going to happen. The trib above the bridge was gushing mud and the river upstream of the bridge was already muddy. Did a u-turn and headed back down stream in search of clear water.  In the time it took to get back to Shinhopple the feeder creek there was up and muddy.

Found clear water, olives and rising fish above Harvard and had a couple of hours of nice fishing  to two year old trout.  Did hook and land a 17 inch tiger trout that did little (other than to eat the fly) to distinguish itself. When the sun came out the olives stopped hatching, the fish stopped rising and I left.

It was five o'clock (the dead period) and I drove over to Deposit to see if the WB would also be blown out.  It wasn't.  Drove along the river looking in the fog for risers.  Saw instead a flock of waxwings in a feeding frenzy above the fog.  When I got to the water there were olives, sulfurs, isos, cahills and even a few Whickham's fancies on the water.  The fish?  Feeding like it was the last supper.  Had numerous large and cooperative trout in front of me from arrival until departure at 9:25. It will easily be a top five day for the year.

Never saw a boat.  When the fog cleared I saw two or three anglers spaced out below me.  You gotta love "Flash Flood Watches".

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  • Fishinfred: July 14, 2017

    Nice, thanks for the report!

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