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Wind knots and tailing loops.

Posted on August 15 2021

 Dennis wants to compare advantages and disadvantages of studded boots and felt soles. Studded boots are much better on banks with mud or wet grass, they are noisy in the water and can put fish on alert, they are good on slippery rocks.  Felts are a hazard on wet muddy banks, wet grass and leaves.  They are much quieter in the water and  are quite good on slippery rocks. I  wear felts, my only experience with studded boots is on the Salmon River. People with differing opinions feel free to chime in.

Ed S. - Call David at the Troutfitter.

Jim N. - If they aren't sipping flies large enough to see, you (and everyone else) are in trouble. Spent two hours a couple weeks ago casting to almost a dozen fish that were eating on top.  One ate a sulfur, the rest ignored my flies and kept right on sipping, often waiting until just after my fly had drifted over their back. If you stare at the water surface in a slow moving pool from bifocal  range you will be amazed at the size and abundance of minutia that is floating by. The fish sometimes zone in on the stuff and there is no getting them to look at anything else. Tying something that size would be like fishing with a flake of dandruff on a hook.

Jack M. - The answer to your question is never as simple as option one, two or three. Is the offender a guide,  someone who hasn't a clue what he is doing, a person who backed out of his garage knowing where he was going to fish no matter how many people were there, or just a rude aggressive SOB.  How crowded is the river? Fifty feet under crowded conditions may well be OK, but the same fifty feet when a lone angler is fishing a pool is probably not.  

Personally I have had the best results talking quietly to people who are new and don't understand proper etiquette. Guides for the most part are courteous and  go out of their way to not interfere. That said I (and many others) have had their fishing ruined by one guide that has been floating the UEB at summer levels for years. I do tell his sports why he is the only guide fishing the river at that level and the effect it has on every fisherman he rows by. As to the other two classes of offenders the best course of action is probably to just go to another spot, meaningful dialog is usually an impossibility and fisticuffs at my age, not a smart choice.



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