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Wind knots and tailing loops.

Posted on August 01 2021

It's been two weeks since the last question and answer session. Didn't write one last week as I answered  Dennis and Paul's questions about the BK and water levels as the week went on. 

Dennis also asked, Why no risers when the sulfurs are hatching?  Wish I knew. I do know high pressure inhibits rising. There is probably also an energy expenditure vs nutritional return ratio that the trout work out. When they eat tricos they sit  just below the surface and sip 'em in. You seldom if ever see good trico fishing in high water.  The last two weeks with over 1500 cfs coming down the WB probably made eating sulfurs in the heavy water a weight losing proposition (which is why you found the fish sipping sulfurs  in the tailout at the Red Barn).

Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences while fishing  the river as well as memories that may have been stirred by my ramblings.  It's much more fun for me to read of someone else's experiences than to reread mine in the morning.

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  • Dennis: August 01, 2021

    Fished the upper west yesterday and had a nice day. The hatch started early around12:30 and lasted a couple hrs. Not a lot of rising fish but the fish that rose were not one and done. The largest was a 18 in brown that jumped 5-6 times. I used a sulpher emerger. Landed 3more and had 4 refusals.
    How has the BR been as far as fishing with sulphers go? I am getting sick of fishing in the same stretch of river all the time.
    Tuesday it’s the BK. A new adventure
    Thanks for all the advice you have improved my fishing immensely. Thank you

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