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With apologies to Dr. M

Posted on August 25 2020

 While I encourage comments from followers of my (non alcohol related) ramblings,  I was nevertheless somewhat confused, puzzled, even wounded - take your pick - by Dr Manhattan's most recent comment.  He/she has commented favorably in the past and if memory serves me well even issued a warning of the consequences of giving out too much information. Perhaps the most recent comment is yet another warning expressing concern for the amount of alcohol I imbibe.  Let me assure you Dr M. that the alcohol consumption is consistent and unvarying.  One perfect manhattan a night measured carefully and consumed slowly. 

If the comment refers to the spelling, punctuation and organization skills of the writer - I plead nolo contendere.  For thirty three years secretaries took care of that stuff for me.  In the past, an early morning review of my late night postings easily corrected  a good percentage of the grammatical errors.  Alas, this is no longer possible as I can correct the Angler 119 blog page as many times as I want but the Troutfitter says you should have done a better job in the first place, no second chances.

Upon review of yesterday's post I did find a few technical defugalties that were missed.  For purposes of clarification: In line 3 - "game" should have been "clubs", the two periods after tee should have been deleted, a comma added and the capital N at the start of line four reduced to the lower case.  The reference to apples is from an incident two weeks ago and perhaps should have been footnoted.  The big long paragraph (4) was  something of  a mishmash and would probably be your best argument that I had too many sales up in a stiff breeze.  It certainly would have read better if the rain/fog sentence was moved up to the number two position.  The now third sentence should have had a "but" in place of the "and" following sulfurs and an "only"inserted between the saw and the one. Under "The fishing"  the "it's" should have been changed to " it would be".  For purposes of clarification perhaps it would have been more helpful to suggest some of the things that are available to do mid-day in the area such as golfing, or visiting  the Fly-fishing museum.  The last sentence came out of the blue.  Watched  president Trump talking about the unprecedented size of the California forest fires and the unprecedented back to back hurricanes and then saw a Lincoln project ad showing Fox news and Rush Limbaugh explaining how both  global warming and covid- 19 were just part of a plot to make Trump look bad.  Not sure where the thought for the title came from -all the leaves are brown---

If you want to read about current water levels go to WBA, if you want to know the rain will probably  go around us or soak into the ground and that it's it a good day to be on the river read DRC.  Only the most adventurous should come here, it's dangerous, you might trip over an innuendo or fall right into a double entendre.

The fishing - Wasn't worth talking about.   



  • Nick: August 26, 2020

    Great writing. Keep doing you.

  • Jim N: August 26, 2020

    Please don’t change a thing with your blog. It is by far the best written and most informative fly fishing blog that I have come across.

    Perhaps a certain “Dr” was triggered by the T word (and it isn’t Trout).

    I was just happy to hear you didn’t spill the apples. Maybe one day when you are rained out you can share your recipe for that perfect Manhattan please.

  • Tim: August 26, 2020

    Best fishing blog anywhere, anytime. I have run into Angler 119 many times in the shop and on the river since I started fly fishing about 10 years ago. He patiently answered my many questions as I try to solve the puzzle that is Delaware fishing. I’m a better fisherman today because he has shared his experience. (He also drops some interesting extra credit clues into his blog if you pay close enough attention.)

  • Dr Manhatten: August 26, 2020

    That was one-too-many blog posts and this one is two-too-many. Conspiracy theory and raging wildfire – well that deserves at least one lonely little comment.

  • Michael A.: August 26, 2020

    Keep up the sarcasm, great writing, useful info, laughs, and perfect manhattan’s. That sounds pretty good right about now!

    Cheers, and tight lines!

  • Jim V: August 26, 2020

    I believe that Dr. M was exercising a bit of sarcasm that he/she felt was humorous and not a moral opinion. Like most/all sarcasm, it is only humorous/appropriate when both parties know each other very well and both participate. Having just started fly fishing and reading your blog this summer, I eagerly anticipate your extremely experienced, WELL WRITTEN journal. Many nights after fishing I think of the additional effort it takes to write your journal instead of just dozing off. Keep it up. I am sure that Dr. M is a little embarrassed about the post!

  • Fred Zaiko: August 26, 2020

    Your work is extraordinarily useful, inciteful and interesting, don’t change a thing! I have been a reader for many years, although I have only posted a couple of times, not wanting to bother you. Instead I thanked you for your work, knowledge and humor. Not since Patrick McManus and ’The lower Forty" have I read a writer so wonderful and better yet, you are fishing and giving me information about one of my favorite streams. I have not been able to come to the WB because I am a snowbird and have Florida plates (spend summers on the Farmington in CT), but reading you has made me feel like I experienced the fishing this summer.

  • DJ: August 26, 2020

    This was the most wonderful thing I have read this week. Personally I will pass on the martini for a glass of Red Stag. Keep up the good work.

  • Ed Smith: August 26, 2020

    I agree with Dick,Kip and Dennis .Please keep up the good work

  • Dick: August 26, 2020

    Excellent post… you don’t need to make any excuses…. and if a second martini helps clear the brain and make the thoughts coherent….so be it… keep up the excellent work!

  • Kip: August 26, 2020

    No explanation needed for any of your blogs. Keep on keeping on. For weather and water conditions, I can do my own research. I love reading outdoor books and your blog is like a live book.

  • Dennis: August 26, 2020

    Angler 119 please don’t change the format or content of the blog because of one random and out of line comment. You speak to trout fisherman and we really don’t care about grammar and punctuation!!!
    I read your blog for fishing tips and advice to make me a better fisherman and where to fish. The information you share is is very informative and helpful. I will be on the river this afternoon.
    Please enjoy the Manhattan and have another if you want you deserve it!!!!! MGA

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