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World Cup Soccer and Sour Cherry Jam Two Events Not To Be Missed.

Posted on July 22 2023

I'm home. Why? No, not because the fishing's no good, I'm no quitter. In fact I fished this afternoon up in Deposit in a hatch that was so good that it had fish up feeding for a good twenty minutes. The hatch intensity dwindled off and so did the feeding fish. There were bugs and occasional risers at least until I reeled it in at 2:30. Hooked and landed three fish and was refused by fourteen more.

So why am I home on a Friday? It's sour cherry jam canning time, Jean bought the cherries and pitted them, and we canned the jam this afternoon. As of now all jar tops have "popped" (love the sound) and the first two batches have already set up. Everything looks good.

Second reason I'm home is to watch the USWNT (soccer) play their first match in this years World Cup, tonight at nine. I don't watch TV (commercials drive me crazy) but soccer has blown off TV by playing two forty-five minute periods. They stop for nothing. TV has to cram all their ads into the half hour pre- game show and halftime. The skill level is amazing and the flopping that has taken over men's soccer is not yet a major part of the women's game. The lack of TV time outs will probably prevent soccer from ever being "big" in the US but I enjoy watching it..

Gave up tonight's fishing, hope whoever fishes does well. The evening sulfur hatches have been good and the big fish should be up and eating. Getting them to eat your fly, however, is another matter. I plan on being back on the river in time for the evening fishing on Sunday.  If I have enough questions, I'll do a WN&TL in the meantime, Ole! USA.


  • Dennis : July 23, 2023

    I fished the upper WB last night to rising fish from 4 to 8:30 pm. The problem was I threw every sulpher fly I had and many other flies to no avail. I landed a beautiful 22 in brown but after that only refusals. There were fish all over. A good night but frustrating at the same time

  • Jack: July 22, 2023

    Would like if possible for folks to share how they handle the algae problem.

  • Ed Smith: July 22, 2023

    Angler119 -Great to hear you experienced an intense afternoon sulpher hatch. Maybe the sulphers will finally get going during the day. Any thoughts on why the afternoon hatches have been sparse/erratic? Sounds like a relaxing weekend . Enjoy the soccer. Ed Smith

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