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Y'all come, a few at a time.

Posted on June 22 2018

Remember about a month ago when the Hendricksons were done everywhere but the UEB and WB and the BK blew out and everything down stream was too muddy to fish?  There were so many boats and wade fishermen crowding the river that I just didn't fish.

This week with the high water temps, everything but the UEB and the WB were shut down and I had such a good week of fishing that I would gladly cancel my upcoming trip out west (if everything wasn't prepaid) to stay here and fish.  Except for two places where I stopped briefly on Tuesday there were bugs hatching and fish rising everywhere I went.

This morning I fished a riff/run section of the lower WB.  The lower WB had not been good to me so far this year.  There weren't many bugs hatching but the fish were looking up.  Why?  There were olive spinners all over the water.  Earlier this week I preached about learning the bug hatches and being there for the spinner falls, etc, etc.  I would like to say I used my knowledge of the river and its hatches to be in the right place at the right time but I didn't have a clue!  Never saw the olives hatch and was there because it's a good place to fish in the morning (boats don't arrive 'til late in the day).  Sometimes when I fish there the fish will eat caddis, sometimes spinners but its nice water to fish and it's usually good.  Today it was better than that.

The morning ended just after two, drove to camp, ate lunch and climbed into the sack.  It was 5:30 when I woke up got in the car and drove up the PA side of the BR.  The lone fisherman in the Lordville riff was the only one fishing the BR (not one car or trailer at Stockport).  Looking through the trees I could see that the parking lot at Junction Pool had no cars.  Drove around and parked.  No fishermen at Junction is an opportunity never to be passed up.  Eventually there were four of us fishing with more than enough room for everybody. There were olives, sulphurs and isos hatching and the fish were fussy (as they always are at junction) but enough ate my offerings to make it a very good evening.

If everyone that was here on the 15th of May showed up tomorrow, no one would catch any fish, but if a few of you came down each day, you would find the fishing great. 


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