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Yes those are Green Drakes you are seeing in the "Sulfur Zone".

Posted on July 29 2023

First order of business - An apology to anyone who gave up a day of fishing in the "Sulfur Zone" on my say so. The river cleared by morning and the entire "Sulfur Zone" was in good shape. I try, but I'm obviously not always right.

The mid-day sulfurs are going with greater consistency and are numerous enough that the fish are once again feeding on them. Todays hatch started before my 12:30 arrival and went until about 3:00.  There were lots of feeding fish where I was but not many of the big boys were up. Hooked a big rainbow right off the bat and he came unstuck on the fourth jump. Not five minutes later I hooked and landed a 15 inch bow. After that things quieted down. Most of the fish feeding on top in the bright sun were two and three year olds (11/16 inches) and that's what I caught. After working in the yard in the morning it was just delightful to be standing in the cold water casting at rising trout.

The real fishing - It didn't start until after 7:30. There were sulfurs hatching in the fog but most were ignored by the fish until after 8:00. As the hatch of sulfurs increased the place came alive with feeding fish. I made the decision to fish a pool when I saw four or five fish working in a hundred yard stretch of water. When things got going there were that many fish within fifty feet of me and most of them weren't the least bit fussy about what they ate as long as the fly was in their feeding lane.

The weekend (and beyond) - The forecast is for scattered thunderstorms tomorrow as a "cold front" moves in. The temps are predicted to be in the 70's all of next week. If the system doesn't get hit with a gulley washer tomorrow, the next week or so should be good fishing. The afternoon sulfurs are hatching. With the bright sun, the fish are very hard to fool and the big fish are mostly waiting until near dark to feed. If you come you just plain need to stay and fish until dark. Why? The last hour of daylight is easily the best fishing of the day. It has the most consistent hatches and the big fish are up and feeding. I'm not in the business of renting rooms, but get one sometime in the next week, you won't be sorry.


  • Dennis : July 30, 2023

    Tried to fish last night but the rain put an end to that. I fished the upper west. I pulled up to a spot with rising fish and by the time I got dressed it was pouring. I stayed till 8:30 and tried fishing In chocolate milk. I gave up.

  • Greg Tarris: July 30, 2023

    Despite your admonition that Friday might be iffy I drove the 2 1/2 hrs anyway just to be on the water. What I found on the upper WB was the hatch started around noon and ended at130PM done! Similarly as you, found very wary trout and stuck a really nice one who knew how to throw the hook as well as a another one in the teen range who did the same. Caught were the 9-13 inchers. Stuck around till almost 7 but there were only dibs of flies and a couple of fish rising- had to go so I missed the “golden hour” – sad.

  • Jack: July 29, 2023

    You’ve never mentioned terrestrials in your informative reports.
    I’ve usually had good results this time of year with a #16 ant pattern, tied in a parachute style.

  • Ed Smith: July 29, 2023

    Angler119-Thanks for your report. Sounds like you had some great evening fishing . No need to apologize.I ,for one, appreciate the heads up. It saves me a 3 hour drive only to find what might be unfishable conditions.Looking forward to being in “the zone” on Thursday. Green Drakes??

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