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You can't say I didn't try

Posted on May 28 2016

Was in the big river by eight-fifteen - morning fishing has been good and I wanted to fish before it got too warm - never saw a bug or a rise.

Second stop was WB at the  gamelands - hooked and landed a nice eighteen inch brown. Proceeded to the no-kill where I again saw no bugs or risers.  After a Wendy's #7 (family style chicken sandwich) I was off to the upper East.  Saw a pool that had no fishermen and rising trout.  Ended up landing three there including a second
eighteen inch brown - left at 2:30 after quelling all risers and drove up river past Corbett without seeing a single fish rise. The Beaverkill was my next stop and I was rewarded there with a "blind cast bow" that took a iso in a riff.

Back on the road trying to find a place to fish the "evening hatch". The big east was too warm and had no bugs, risers or fishermen. Returned to the upper East hoping to find a spot to fish - no luck All the parking areas were filled with cars and every stream side rock had an angler sitting on it waiting for "the Drakes".

Returned to a vacant pool on the Beaverkill in time to get soaked by a T-boomer.  After the shower I was treated to sunshine, lightning, thunder and two rainbows - one in the sky and one on my fly.

In the car at nine-fifteen thirteen hours after starting.  When you get low releases,hot temperatures,bright sun and crowded conditions the Delaware River is a real challenge.

The good news!  They have increased the release in both branches. When the worst of the algae is flushed out it should improve the bug hatches and the fishing.  There should also be a second increase on the first of June which should help cool the upper few miles of the big river.


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