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Posted on May 03 2016

When I left for the river it was raining and forty-seven degrees. The forecast said a high of fifty-nine in Hancock, which would bring bugs. At Binghamton the sun broke thru and the temp hit fifty-six.  Oh boy! Heading east on seventeen, however, it grew darker and colder. Arrived at the river at 3:00 with light rain and a temp of

With the release on the WB lowered to one-fifty, there would be no boats on the upper river so I decided to fish there.

Saw the only two anglers both casting at rising fish.  The water was covered with Hendricksons that were too cold and wet to get off the water.  A fish and fisherman's  dream. Hooked fish steadily until almost 6:00 when everything shut down.

Talked with three groups of fishermen who had been on the big river. Shehawken to Buckingham had olives and March Browns with some fish up. Buckingham to Long Eddy and Long Eddy to Tower had a very few March Browns and no risers.


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