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Posted on July 20 2015

I fish a lot and pay attention to the factors that make it both good
and bad, but I am still mystified by what greets me on the stream each
day.  On the best day this week the water temp on the WB hit a high of
49.  There were a plethora of bugs and the fish fed like crazy.  Today
the water temp was 50 degrees, the hatch was sparse and the fish
couldn't be bothered.  Why?  Air temp you say.  Yes, it was much
hotter today but the fish and bugs are in the water, they can't know

The water is up a little bit from T-storms (one going on here as I
write) and there was no one wading (both game lands parking areas
empty as was Stockport - when have you ever seen that) and almost no
one floating today, after a flotilla of boats on the water yesterday.

The fishing was ok.  You had to look for risers and make good casts.
If they were up they gave your fly a look, some even ate.
Thunderstorms came and went like yesterday. This fulfills my need for
cardio exercise as both days I had to make a hurried trip back to the


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