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You know it don't come easy!

Posted on September 12 2018

It has been an overcast day with a mist/light rain all afternoon.  It might have produced a good olive hatch somewhere but I didn't see it.  Fished two places in the UEB and did nor fare well.  First place had a few olives in water that was ice cold and difficult to wade.  Saw a few splashy rises and got three fish to come to the fly. Two ate one said no thanks. 

Tried lower down the UEB in a pool where I could see a pod of rising fish through the heavy fog.  They were feeding on ants but paid no attention to my offerings.  To add insult to injury the pod consumed half a dozen olives while just moving out of the way of the one I floated by them.

Looked at a pool on the BK that was also covered with ants - saw nary a rise.  Two stops on the EB also failed to produce a rising fish although I did see a few olives at both places.

Last stop was at Junction Pool where the fog was so heavy I could barely see across the river.  There were no risers in sight. Just as I turned to head back to the car it started to rain - hard.  Called it a day and headed back to camp and lit a fire.

There were several fishermen on the UEB and I saw one on the BK.  Wade fishermen need it to stop raining and for NYC to feel comfortable in reducing the release levels.


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