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You know it don't come easy.

Posted on July 21 2020

After my rather full day yesterday I was a little late answering the bell this morning. Savored the new peach jam, had an extra cup of coffee and didn't climb the ladder to paint until almost eleven.  Lunch wasn't until 2:00 and I still had to contact cement felts onto a pair of my wading booties.  Never gave the afternoon sulfurs a thought.  The evening fishing has been so good there was no need to fight the crowds in the hot afternoon sun.

Left camp full of confidence, Sunday and Monday nights I was surrounded by sulfurs and rising fish.  Threw at fish nonstop for almost three hours each night. Since I rarely fish a pool twice in one week those two places were  crossed off the list before I started, place three was open but I drove by to check out places four and five (both occupied by multiple fishermen).  Back to number three only to find that the two fishermen that were walking along the road when I first drove by were now in the pool.

Regular readers might recall that I pretty much abandoned the "Sulfur Zone" last year and did just fine. Decided tonight was the night to go downstream, not too far, but far enough to be out of the crowd and still be in the evening sulfurs and a good spinner fall.  Well, there were sulfurs, several of them, if there were spinners they came after I left and they floated a long way to get there.

The fishing?  The cowards, they just never showed up.  If a holdover hatchery trout of 14 inches hadn't eaten a blind cast, I'd be up at the Troutfitter's sitting in the "Redemption chair", instead of writing this report.  If you are going to go - go no further downstream then the "17 pool" ( Dream Catchers is at it's downstream end).

Will make a point of trying to find both afternoon and evening sulfur fishing tomorrow.   


  • Jorgen: July 22, 2020


    Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your informative and entertaining posts.

    I understand from Dave at the Troutfitter that we had a mutual friend, the late, great Bill Glavin. Bill was one of my journalism professors at Syracuse University in the late 80s, and used to read to our class from “A River Runs Through It” to demonstrate proper writing. As a Brother of the Angle, I know he’d appreciate your reports from a piscatory perspective, and as a writing professor, have no doubt he’d give you an “A.”

    Am spreading the word about your reports whenever I can, which I look forward to reading each morning. Appreciated the Ringo reference as well.

    Tight Lines,


  • Dennis : July 22, 2020

    I had the same experience as you. I fished the pool by the red barn last night and saw few sulphers and not many fish rising. I again threw everything at them. I had one refusal and left without catching a fish.
    Saturday was a great day 2fish over 19 in.
    Humility is a great lesson.
    Read you every day please keep posting the useful And helpful info
    Thank you

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