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YOU, Make(s) Me Wanna Shout - - -

Posted on September 14 2023

After overdoing it with the bow yesterday I decided to take today off (pitchers get 3 or 4 days off between starts, don't they?), tie a few of the brown caddis that were clinging to my waders last night, polish off the Monday and Tuesday crosswords and set out early to try to find some fish.

Departed about 1:30, in a rain shower no less, and drove up to Deposit, not to fish in the mess created by Oquaga, that was once again belching mud, but to get a look at Dave's new boot. Thought it strange he only got one, but with people in the shop, I didn't want to ask personal questions. Left the shop  before two and drove east (the rain was mostly all west of Hancock). Stopped at a pool on the lower BK where the fish have now skunked me three times in a row. Never even got a fish to come up and refuse my offering. From there I went all the way over to the Willow where I saw nary a fly, a rise or a fisherman at the world famous Hazel Bridge pool. Journeyed slowly back along the Bk stopping at various lookouts determined  to find bugs or rising fish. All I saw were were two rises and one Troutfitter regular fishing in the BK.

The fishing - It's now 4:15, and the skunk is doing his little dance of joy, but I have an ace up my sleave. Went over to the UEB where there have been  olives and some rising fish in the late afternoon. Understand, that seeing olives on the water and rising fish is, on the UEB, a big hop, skip and a jump short of catching any, but today, I did. Hooked a small brown and a big (19 inch) rainbow right off the bat and then, during the heaviest part of the hatch was unable to even get a refusal. When the fog started to settled in and the hatch started to wane ( in case you're ever asked, a wain is a large heavy farm wagon) those fish still rising changed their opinion of my fly, and enough of them ate it to make it a better than average day (given the recently lowered expectations viewed from a new prospective).

Note to D. Martin - Was puzzled by your latest post until I read my second comment on the subject. The editor in charge of deleting posts that are possibly offensive to others (Jean) was obviously asleep on the job and will be docked a days pay. The "You" in my comment was not meant to be You ( D Martin),  but rather any angler who chooses to try to justify his presence by arguing with the landlord. You (D. Martin) merely supplied Dennis and others who may encounter similar situations with some hopefully helpful background. Please accept my apology for the admittedly confusing verbiage. While I'm still beating the dead horse, I might also point out that the article so nicely referenced by Jim N. stirred up enough resentment from local landowners when originally published, that at least two additional parcels along the UEB were posted.


  • D Martin: September 14, 2023

    No Worries, Angler 119. I think we’re all on the same page on this site. And we are grateful to you for hosting the intel and the forum!

  • Jim N: September 14, 2023

    Did the local landowners post the land (restricting access to get to the river) or did they post land and water (restricting ability to fish the river)? Too bad the DRC or some state body can’t resolve this.

    Glad to hear olives are back. Time to hit the system again.

  • Dennis: September 14, 2023

    I took a journey last night to the UEB on a tip from a friend It turned out to be a good tip. I had rising fish for a while and did have a good time. I had one big rainbow in front of the net and I lost him. I thought about diving in but the water was too cold. I had many refusals and it made for a good night. My standards are getting low when 1fish is a good night

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