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Posted on October 20 2014

Over the weekend my wife and I celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary and the journey has been kind of amazing so far on how we've grown together and changed over the years.  From college kids in love, to newly married living out west, to settling in South Carolina near family and taking on new careers, to the births and raising of our two children, to figuring out what this adult life is supposed to be all about.  We're still figuring it out daily and we're having a heck of a good time along the way.  Damn, ain't love grand?

A rare selfie and proof that I married up.

I don't profess to know anything about marriage but the things that have been important for us are communication, Christian values, family, understanding, time in the outdoors, and a heavy dose of adventuring.  Where are we off to next is a frequent conversation and traveling has been the spark that's kept our relationship fire burning bright over the years.

Cheers to the first fifteen years and I love you, Melissa.  I'm ready for the next fifteen and all the places that it'll take us.  Let's Run...

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