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20 Incher by Idylwilde

Posted on August 04 2010

A match made in heaven.
A match made in heaven.

During a trip with Chile West, our guests fish a whole bunch of different fly patterns that pretty much cover the world of trout fishing.  From giant streamers to tiny dries, blunt terrestrials to imitative nymphs, we fish a lot in a typical trip and our fly boxes are evidence – they’re loaded!

We’ve definitely developed some go-to patterns over the years though, and one of them is the Idylwilde 20 Incher.

While there are many different sizes of stonefly nymphs in the rivers of Southern Chile, at Chile West we like fising big ones.  That’s why we like the 20 Incher. It is a great pattern that imitates the natural nymph that inhabits most of the rivers that we fish.

We’re especially fond of the tungsten head version of this bad boy.  It gets down quickly- very nice in heavy water or pocket water where  it’s critical have the fly in front of the fish for as long as possible to increase the odds of a take.

You’ll need a big foam dry to float this nymph and one great option the Chubby Chernobyl. The combination of the two is a main course and dessert for any hungry trout.

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