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Posted on August 31 2016

So, yesterday I opened up Instagram on my iPhone and thought I'd check the #glassisnotdead hashtag to see who had been posting what.  I knew the numbers of photos tagged with #glassisnotdead were getting up there, but I caught it just as the number hit 25,000 posts.

How crazy is that? 

I was an early adopter to Instagram and it's been interesting to see this application grow and change over the years.  I know that hashtags can and are way overused but #glassisnotdead will always be something that I'll always be stoked about since it's allowed myself and others to follow along with the experiences (even the road trip pizza pie) that came from fly fishing with fiberglass fly rods.

So, if you're posting on social media please remember to tag your fiberglass fly rod adventures with #glassisnotdead.  I really enjoy seeing the images and I know others do too.

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