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34 Fly Fishing Gear Tips from MidCurrent

Posted on June 21 2007

When we first began putting together MidCurrent‘s “101 Fly Fishing Tips” a few months ago, the task seemed daunting. It wasn’t having to come up with 101 tips that worried us. It was having to choose among the hundreds of tips that might help someone fish better. The ones that made it onto the final list were those that were most practical and most likely to help fly fishers of any skill level.
This week, in “Fly Fishing Gear Tips,” we’re delivering 34 tips related to gear choice, care and use. They range from the obvious to the not-so-obvious — from rod care to knot tying to sun protection — but all of them pass muster when it comes to delivering simple but useful advice.
(By the way, if you have tips that you think should be included in our Gear Tips or any other lists, please send them our way.)

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